Living in Sydney

Written by Luke Gough on 07/07/2016

What inspired you to work abroad?

I have always had a desire to work abroad again having previously spent several years in Madeira, so when the opportunity arose to set up a Black Swan office overseas I jumped at the chance. In addition to this, having an Australian girlfriend made relocating to Sydney particularly appealing.

As this was the second time I had relocated, I knew the difficulties associated with such a move. Having this prior experience has made moving a lot easier this time round. However, creating a network of friends and colleagues from scratch is always a daunting, but ultimately exciting, endeavour.

The great thing about relocating abroad for work is that you get to truly immerse yourself in a new culture and a different way of business that you just don’t experience when visiting a destination on holiday.

What were the biggest challenges of the move?

The logistics behind moving your whole life from one country to another can be particularly challenging. The issues range from the lengthy shipping times, to finding somewhere to live, to obtaining working visas. However, Black Swan were always on hand to offer assistance, which made this process as painless as possible.

Naturally starting an office from scratch in a new market has been a huge challenge. However, building out a new network and making our brand known to the market has been something that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Describe your first impressions of Sydney?

I fell in love with Sydney instantly. The first thing that strikes you (apart from the glorious weather) is its natural beauty. I think of it as a mini London; if London had spectacular beaches!

What would your advice be to anyone who is looking to work overseas?

Always do your research first! However, I believe that it can add so much value to your career and help you develop as a person. You also get to experience a different culture and new way of life. My advice is – if the opportunity arises to work overseas grab it with both hands.

Now you are settled are there any particular local traits you particularly like?

It is so much more laid back here, both in leisure and business. People like to meet in person and generally prefer doing business face to face. From a networking perspective this is great and really lends itself to my recruitment process.

What would you miss the most when you / if you leave?

The weather, the beaches and the business culture.

What do you miss the most about London?

Alongside missing my friends and family from back home, I miss the buzz and social side of London. The office in London is much larger than in Sydney and there were always loads of opportunities to go out with friends from work.

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